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Glasgow Computer Recycling

Our specialist team can provide professional computer recycling services for your business in Glasgow. For a free quote on our services, call our team today!

In just several years the quantity of I. T. in circulation has grown hugely and with it the demand to recycle it. Computers and related equipment are now subject to rigorous asset retirement legislation. The recent implementation of Landfill regulations, coupled with the small Regulations means that Companies and household users are no longer allowed to dispose of IT equipment through the overall waste stream.

Glasgow Waste Management is able to provide a seasoned local solution to Glasgow based businesses, local authority run bodies and educational establishments, for the safe, protected disposal of computer associated equipment. The end to end recycling service comprises the collection, transport and treatment of all computer related hardware and associated wastes.

Data Security for your IT

Glasgow Waste Management offers industry leading Data Destruction alternatives for businesses, Local Government and Educational establishments. With a track record that retains a “zero incident rate” plus a procedure that has been developed in lieu of BS EN 15713 (2009), featuring suitable security measures and Quality Assurance, Glasgow Waste Management offers a secure service which destroys data to:

UK CESG (Baseline & Improved) Binary data wiping alternatives & more rigorous US DOD 7 pass rubs
Certification of Data Destruction
Shredding/ Shearing of Hard Drives to BS 15713 (2009).
Granulation of Optical & Solid State media.
The process includes complete certification at the end of the data destruction procedure.
A Professional Recycling Service

Glasgow computer recycling

With employees qualified in IT and waste management, Glasgow Waste Management can offer it’s clients:

Trained, uniformed staff
Groups for both big and small quantities
Friendly, helpful staff, capable to supply support and advice
Groups on a prearranged date
Invoicing in advance
Cost efficient options

Accredited Disposal Service

Glasgow Waste Management offers a premium IT recycling option that addresses crucial social and environmental ethics. We continue to invest greatly in our services, raising our portfolio of IT recycling services, further reducing the effect of Business activities upon the surroundings. Our recycling procedures have been developed to comply with BATRRT (DEFRA) and reclaims materials so, mitigating the need to export or landfill resources.

Asset Tracking & Reporting

Glasgow Waste Management consigns all computer wastes from clients in complete accordance with the WEEE directive and other laws, letting you Discharge your Duty of Care with our ICT disposal procedure. Our service supplies hazardous waste consignment notices, duty of care notes and offers clients traceability* alternatives, meeting the needs of several Quality Assurance systems. An audit-capable trail is available as portion of the disposal procedure including:

The provision of certificate
Reporting of volumes and productions from our facility
Reporting of Hazardous Waste Streams
Provision of small Certificates where needed

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